It was a great succes

A beautiful location, 10 interesting presentations and 70 participants, that is all that it takes to organize a great conference. The Belgian paper and board converting industry organised on the 17th of november its first conference on food contact materials in a circular economy.

With this conference we wanted to highlight the importance of good communication between partners in the value chain and a good risk assessment for the products put on the market.

Paper and board are materials with both feet in the Circular Economy: renewable and efficiently recyclable. The chain is closed from the sourcing till the end of life, but it is not without consequences. The relationship between recycled material and foodstuffs requires extra attention. Substances used in previous applications can have an impact on the new product, but hazards are not risks if not exposed to, something that is too easily forgotten. However the risks are not the same for all applications. A good risk assessment can be made so much easier with communication.

During the conference we also showed that solutions exist in order to put safe FCM on the market. We showed that the Belgian paper and Board converting industry is seriously working on food safety and that we will continue on working on it.

We would like to thank all the speakers and participants for making this the first of many interesting conferences to come.